LoVe BatTery Punk Rock Renditionaries - 1976 - 1979

"I was at Vic's Punk Jubilee gig in 2002 what a riot, real Punk Rock not this candy floss nonsense of today!"  Kate Darcy - PAF 2013

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LoVe BatTery are a five piece covers band concentrating on Punk Rock from the years 1976 - 1979 only.

ViC Gilmore (A.K.A ViC Garbage) an original '76 Punk and founder of Punk FM has put together the
finest authentic Punk Rock covers band in the UK.  More of a theatrical performance than yet another cover band.

Not content with the usual tracks played by other bands, Vic decided to enlist a female vocalist.
This allowed for more scope & far, far better entertainment value when choosing the set list.

Without doubt LoVe BatTery will entertain any audience be it public, private or corporate.

If you want an evening of real PUNK ROCK - LoVe BatTery are your only choice!!  It's that simple!

Do not hesitate to contact LoVe BatTery with any future booking enquiry.  Booking Info

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